And so I’ve finally done it. It’s been some time since I’ve cooked… glad to have the engine restarted! 🙂 Wasn’t too adventurous in trying out new recipes, so whipped up a simple fried rice dish that I’ve prepared before. And it fits well into the economical budget we need to have over here! 😀 Total cost per pax is about $1.50; the nuts can be omitted to lower the cost to $1… and the overall calories as well. Haha…

Olive Leaf Fried Rice. Lemon wedge and salad green for decoration purpose only.

Olive Leaf Fried Rice. Lemon wedge and salad green for decoration purpose only.

This is not the typical olive fried rice that we get at Chinese or Thai eateries; instead of olives, perserved olive leaves (ka na cai) are used. Have a try yourself!

Ingredients (Serves 4):

  • 2 cups short-grain rice (white or brown will do – I used brown)
  • 3 tbls preserved olive leaves
  • 2 eggs
  • 250g minced meat (I used beef)
  • 1 red onion
  • 5 small portions of a clove of garlic
  • 100g raw cashew nuts (can get toasted ones, but more expensive)
  • light soy sauce (probably 1 tbl for meat marination and 1/2 tbl for the eggs)
  • dash of white and/or black pepper
  • dash of corn starch
  • cooking oil

The Steps:

Cook the rice beforehand. Rice should be cool to warm when needed to be mixed with the rest of the ingredients, but not cold (just taken out from the fridge) or hot (just cooked).

Marinate the minced meat by mixing light soy sauce and pepper into the meat. Add corn starch thereafter to lock in the flavour. Mix well.

Prepare the eggs mixture – two eggs mixed well with 1/2 tbl of light soy sauce and a dash of pepper.

If using raw cashew nuts, toast them over the stove on the frying pan until they turn brownish in colour. Can add a little bit of oil or omit it. Set aside.

Dice the onion and garlic. Add about 1 tbl of cooking oil into the pan and start off by frying the onions first. When some caramelisation occurs (a good portion of the onion bits are turning a little brownish), add in the garlic and stir fry until the garlic bits turn a bit brownish in colour as well (yes, this is a very brownish dish).

Add in the minced meat and stir fry, making sure all the ingredients are mixed well. When the meat is cooked, add in 2 tbls of preserved live leaves and mix well. Re-introduce the cashew nuts into the pan and stir some more. At this point, if the mixture looks a little too watery, give time for the water to evaporate.

Add in the cooked rice and ensure that everything in the pan is mixed well together – the rice should become brownish in colour as they are being coated with the preseved olive leaves. Add one more tbl of it into the pan and keep on mixing.

Pour the egg mixture into the mix and immediately stir fry to ensure that the rice is evenly coated with it.

Cook the mixture for a little while longer, lengthening the time between each stir to give portions of the rice the chance to turn crispy. (This step is optional)

And whatever that turns out at the end should taste good. If you’ve ever tried this recipe, please let me know! 😛

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  1. Eliza

    I used pork marinate with light soys sauce and black soya sauce with pepper .Towards the end I added some McCormick perfect pinch garlic and herbs.Taste very delicious.
    Thank you for your recipe.Well done


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