Pregnancy week 38. Feeling incredibly impatient for baby Joy to arrive, yet strangely lost and in limbo as well. Lately I remarked to Galvin that life with Noah (and our helper haha) seems so ‘senang’ or ‘free’ lately … Our regular routine goes humming along with plenty of time for rest, reflection, reading, or whatever else we want to do. This is probably a first since having a kid. So. It really takes around 2.5 years before life regains some normalcy after having a baby (re: more or less uninterrupted sleep, being able to go out, have personal time and time with friends, being able to do some work stuff, having your body back – no more on-call cow status! Etc. ). And here we are with days to weeks more to having the next newborn! A big HaHA to that, I say!

Really loving the times with Noah now, and I think it’s really the terrific twos we are enjoying despite the classic ‘terrible’ moments. Galv and I have also rediscovered the spark of being in this together, and the satisfaction of carving out a life together and supporting each other in pursuing our dreams.

So yes, a lull for now, before the next transition hits. And yet, I can’t wait.

After writing so much about Noah, I just wanted to pen something down for baby Joy. This pregnancy has spun by in a whirl of adjusting to life with a toddler plus our various work and lifestyle transitions, and before I know it, it’s going to be over. The first time round, I cherished each week, each ultrasound, each trimester. This time round, I just wanted the inconveniences and ailments of pregnancy to be over and done with. Yet I do have those cherished, ‘for mum’s heart only’ moments with baby Joy too. For one, she is a gentle darling, and has never kicked or jabbed me too hard. She just makes enough movement to let me know she’s there, and doing okay. She has been a xiaofeifei, growing well from scan to scan, boasting chubby cheeks which seem to be the only visual difference between her and her brother’s ultrasound pics. She’s pretty shy and doesn’t respond much when others touch my belly, with the exception of her korkor. When he’s in the midst of a tantrum or meltdown, she goes full on kicking and rolling around, probably in empathy? I already know these two are going to be tight – good luck to Galv and me! Also, unlike Noah, who danced around after my meals, Joy gets all active when I’m hungry, and settles down for a good snooze after being fed. Methinks all this bodes well for some peaceful newborn days ahead, but really, what do you know, right?

Already, it’s difficult to describe Joy without comparisons to Noah, much as I’m conscious of how we want to see her as her own person and take everything as on a blank slate. Yet I don’t make these comparisons in a way that belittles either in any way. Rather, I’m looking forward to love the differences with the same first-love intensity with which we encountered all of Noah’s quirks, and deal with them to this day. Joy-Joy, you are so loved, and Mama/mummy and Papa can’t wait to meet you. Your Korkor doesn’t quite know what he’s in for but he stands ready with some baby-swing rocking skills and a few song and dance moves. So yes, I guess we’re all as ready as we’ll ever be.

Thankful for you, and waiting to end off this glorious Jubilee year with our undeserved gift, our restful increase, our joyously received gift of grace – Joy Sng 悦恩.




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