It’s been a week since the confinement nanny left. Crazy days since then but just wanted to put this down for the record:

Dear Noah,

This week, you realised what it means to be a korkor. You learnt what it feels like not to have mama available for you when you need her, and it hurts especially because when she says no to your requests to play and to be held, and to lay down together to sleep, she is holding somebody else.

But this also marks the week you did these two things of your own accord:

One evening, at bedtime, you turned to me and said ‘I love you, Mama.’ Papa didn’t get the same privilege even when he asked immediately after hearing you say this. So, you weren’t just repeating the words after us like you did previously.

Then, after our first day back at church and a long day out, you went into your playroom for some time, and emerged with a gift for Papa – some pieces of dried painted macaroni carefully wrapped in pieces of felt. A present for Papa, you said.

These are the moments we will never forget, my precious first little one. Thank you, that you gifted them even in the midst of your little world turned upside down.

Your meimei is so lucky to have you.


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