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Author: Charmaine

Turning point (s)

We are coming to the end of close to three weeks of tantruming and illness. It’s been tough, but God has met with me in this time, and it’s been a breath of fresh air. At this point in our gentle parenting journey, I’ve realised that it’s time to focus more on boundaries and limits for Noah. Somehow through the difficulty of putting him to bed these few weeks (a process which takes less than half an hour with others but can stretch to up to 2-3 hrs with me), I realised that the time has come to spend...

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Managing vs. Responding

Heard some comments passed today that I give in too much to Noah.  This caused me to reflect on whether this is indeed the case. After some thinking,  this post is an attempt to clarify why I do what I do,  and to justify  it. Thus far,  in trying to be a ‘gentle parent’, I’m well aware that the pitfall for me is to fall into being permissive. I already realised this about myself when I was a teacher when I found myself empathising  so much with students at times that it was difficult to enforce ‘across the board’...

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One … Two … Peee!

Hello my dear little one, You are turning two in a number of weeks. As mama and papa look ahead to having another little one who may or may not turn out just like you, and look back on the many ways in which you have grown and changed over the past months, we find ourselves grateful yet unsure, still, of certain decisions we’ve made as parents. After I had you, I was simply overwhelmed by the many ways in which it seemed little and big choices I had to make would all have a hand in making you...

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The 7 Year Itch

To Galvs: Hi Dear! Happy wedding anniversary! You know my maths is a bit iffy so I can’t decide if it’s our sixth anniversary but I guess it’s not too far of a stretch to say we’re now in our seventh year together! Oh how time flies … Love you even more 🙂 So yes, it’s that point in our marriage. When the rubber hits the road (not that it hasn’t before but now it’s on the road and -really- not letting up) and what used to come naturally as a delight actually requires deliberate intent, and hence, becomes...

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Find me a footing

foot·ing n. 1. Secure placement of the feet in standing or moving. 2.a. A surface or its condition with respect to its suitability for walking or running, especially the condition of a racetrack. b. A secure place for the feet; a foothold. 3. The act of moving on foot. 4. Architecture The supporting base or groundwork of a structure, as for a monument or wall. Also called footer. 5. A basis or foundation: a business begun on a good footing. After publishing my previous post on the wonders of part-time work and unhurried parenting, I was left with the...

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