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Author: Charmaine

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Life as a wife, mother, teacher, friend. It’s said that people of my personality type (I forget what that is) have a rich inner life, and this is definitely true for me. If I ever have any moments to myself, I am usually lost deep in thought and most times you’d be surprised at what emerges from my mouth if you happen to catch me in that moment and ask what I’m thinking. Even though I have no time to write (there’s two exam papers which I’ve been trying to set over the past TWO WEEKS with little progress...

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The work of our hands

As we enter 2017, the word for me comes from Psalm 90:17: “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.” Things are going well for me at work. As I prayed this verse over the year before the first day of school, I can only attribute the smooth running of things to the presence of the Lord going before me to crown my year with His favor and blessings. The almost two-month long break from teaching in 2016 has really...

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Noah at Three

And so your third birthday came and went, my dearest firstborn son. Amidst the daily routines of rushing (you) to school and heading to work, rationing energy for the next day ahead, I missed the moment to record my memory of you at this age. But now I’m putting aside my marking and my lesson prep, my sleep and my own thoughts, because I know there will be a day when I miss the small blessings that are in such abundance now: The sight of you racing around on your little tyke bike, causing passersby to nod and smile...

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Trusting the Lord for my school posting

Last week, I finally received confirmation of my next posting. It’s been a long journey of quiet waiting and trusting in His Providence. After such a long stint in MOE HQ, many are surprised to hear that I am returning to be a teacher. Indeed, the reality of it hasn’t really sunk in for me yet. Perhaps it will only hit me in the first week as I face actual students again. This decision to return to school has taken me a lot of courage. My previous experience of teaching was filled with a lot of precious memories with colleagues and students, but I also can’t quite forget the absolute exhaustion that was a daily affair, the constant headaches, flus and body aches, the total impossibility of having a social life during the week, and always having an incomplete to-do list at the back of my mind. And now I’m returning to all that as a mother, with two kids of my own to care for as well. It would have been a lot easier to try and find a way to stay in HQ and hang on to the more family-friendly possibilities there. But I cannot forget that at the core of my very first calling to teach is the youth of our future generations. I won’t get all altruistic about this because I’m not sure how much...

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Time as a SAHM

So it’s been nearly six months of being away from work, with two more weeks of leave to go. Honestly, the extra leave I took after maternity leave ended in mid April was/is so essential. Joy is nearly five months old now, and while things are going pretty ok with the home routines, I am still pretty thrown off by the changes brought by this second addition to our family. I remember feeling overwhelmed and exhausted while caring for just Noah alone when we were in Melbourne. I guess it shouldn’t come as much surprise that I’m feeling exhausted...

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