In a few days’ time, our little family of three will be embarking on a new journey. We will be flying off to Australia, where we’ll be staying for the rest of the year while Charmaine pursues her masters degree in education over there in the University of Melbourne and I carry on in my caregiver role to Noah, who has since grown into a cute little seven-month-old fudgy (given by me) mochi (given by his popo – maternal grandmother). 🙂

I have registered this domain ( some time back with the intention to house the songs that I’ve written and produced, as well as the little faith nuggets that I’d written along the way, but I have been unable to get the site off the ground till now; I kind of overestimated the amount of time that I thought I would have as a stay-at-home-dad to work on things as such! 😛 Haha… but yup, this “inaugural” post shall mark the start of more regular posting in the days ahead! Charmaine and I are making it a point to keep this site updated regularly, especially so in this new chapter of ours, as a platform for us to keep in touch with our family and friends back in Singapore.

Personally, I have struggled the longest time to restart this writing engine of mine. Somehow… just somehow, I got myself so preoccupied with the wanting to write “quality” and “meaningful” expository, reflective or argumentative posts that I ended up not writing anything at all for the longest time. There were many instances over the past months where I would trash my posts upon writing a few lines and sometimes even a few paragraphs… I forgot what it meant to simply write, to write about even the frivolous and the mundane, to write narratively, that it is through writing about everyday life that I’ll get to see God’s hand upon our lives ever more clearly… and hopefully allow our family, friends and the general public to catch a glimpse of that, too.

And so, I foresee this is how this website will eventually grow to be, filled with mainly daily narratives with an intersperse of reflective and expository writing from time to time. Ah, not to mention photos, which will speak far more words than what both of us can probably write. And eventually EVENTUALLY, I hope it’ll become a repository of memories for us to look back on, smile at and give thanks together as a family, when we have time in the future to reminisce our past. 🙂

Glad to be back on the blogosphere… a place where many wonderful memories of yesteryears still remain. Yup. And to you (yes, you!) if you so choose to become a regular reader of this site – see you around! 😉


  1. Yeo Yeu Ann

    Looking forward to reading your sharings and reflections bro! And yes, I understand about the hesitating to write part… just keep on writing, bro, and you’ll get better and better. Keep on writing, bro!

  2. Angela

    Yay! I am the first to comment! !!


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