Dear Joy,

The past two months have gone by in a flash. Mama was re-reading her older Facebook notes from when your Korkor was six weeks old, and how different the tone of them are! Due to the intensity of your cries and the speed at which you demand your needs to be met, I have often been heard saying that if you’d been my first baby, I’d have been ‘scared off’ having another child in the near future. But having taken a walk down memory lane and smashed those rose-tinted or perhaps memory-fogged glasses, I now realize you are an easier baby to handle by far. So this post is partly to set the record straight, and also to celebrate how you have changed our lives in the time you’ve been here.

The first night after our confinement nanny left, you and I ‘celebrated’ by being up practically every hour, with you screaming blue murder at my failure to figure out what you wanted. I don’t know if it was the stress of the ‘change in management’ that caused you to poop after every. Single. Feed. That night. Whatever it was, I’m glad that it has not made a repeat appearance! Amidst the chaos of getting to know you, I was very grateful for the confinement nanny’s observations that you tended to be fussy around 2pm and 11pm in the evenings. This knowledge helped me to self-regulate my emotions and keep calm during your meltdowns. By far the most damaging thoughts that come during those times is that I’m inadequate or that you must be the most difficult baby ever! So knowing that these are just fussy periods that will come and go really helped me to tell those crazy thoughts to shut up and go away. Most essential skill for mothers and parents imho.

You are a baby who knows what you want and can communicate it pretty well. For example, you will nudge and head butt your head down from my shoulder to my chest to indicate that you want to lie on my elbow and go to sleep. Thus, parenting a newborn this time round seems clearer, like I have a better idea of what’s going on. For the first time, the advice in baby books actually seems to work! E.g. keeping you snug in a swaddle calms you right down to go to sleep. You do well on full feeds and can sleep up to five hours a stretch at night. The shushing and head jiggle can put you to sleep in minutes. You even fell asleep on your own in the baby swing! You are a baby who has read all the manuals and approves. Your korkor wanted to write his own manual and update it every week.

So yes, you have really brought us Joy. Joy in treasuring your smiles, your growing chubbiness, your snuggly wobbly head, and your strong kicks and arm bats. You even knocked a milk bottle out of my hand once. Oh yes, and the many times you have peed on mama and the one explosive projectile poop-on-the-wall-the-sink-the-everything moment so far. Thank you for extending the range and scope of my parenting experience. And we get to enjoy this without the crying and sleep-deprivation-induced haze of desperation which we stumbled through when Noah was your age. That’s the best part!

So thank you, little one, for being such a normal¬†an easy-going baby. Happy two months old, sweetie. Mama’s enjoying every step of this journey with you.






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