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Month: December 2015

gentle parenting – the newborn edition

Actually, this post is about a major issue for most new mums: breastfeeding! Even though some people eventually choose not to breastfeed, the current trend is for most hospitals and doctors to encourage breastfeeding, at least in the early days after birth. With Noah, I was blessed to have a baby who knew how to latch on pretty well and was rather hardworking. Once he found a comfortable latch, he would nurse contentedly for the whole duration of the feed before latching off in a milk-induced coma. I also had a confinement nanny who was knowledgeable about breastfeeding and...

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and then there were two

I thought my heart was full with just one little one, and then the next came along. It’s an oft heard cliche that your heart just expand with love for the second and subsequent children; that love doesn’t diminish when shared but is multiplied. It’s true. Suddenly I have two on my mom-radar! My subconscious is alert and sensitive to their needs all the time, even in sleep. Hopefully this doesn’t mean poor Galvs is pushed further down the list in terms of priorities, but it definitely means we need to be even more intentional about spending time alone...

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Pregnancy week 38. Feeling incredibly impatient for baby Joy to arrive, yet strangely lost and in limbo as well. Lately I remarked to Galvin that life with Noah (and our helper haha) seems so ‘senang’ or ‘free’ lately … Our regular routine goes humming along with plenty of time for rest, reflection, reading, or whatever else we want to do. This is probably a first since having a kid. So. It really takes around 2.5 years before life regains some normalcy after having a baby (re: more or less uninterrupted sleep, being able to go out, have personal time...

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