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Month: October 2015

Turning point (s)

We are coming to the end of close to three weeks of tantruming and illness. It’s been tough, but God has met with me in this time, and it’s been a breath of fresh air. At this point in our gentle parenting journey, I’ve realised that it’s time to focus more on boundaries and limits for Noah. Somehow through the difficulty of putting him to bed these few weeks (a process which takes less than half an hour with others but can stretch to up to 2-3 hrs with me), I realised that the time has come to spend...

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Managing vs. Responding

Heard some comments passed today that I give in too much to Noah.  This caused me to reflect on whether this is indeed the case. After some thinking,  this post is an attempt to clarify why I do what I do,  and to justify  it. Thus far,  in trying to be a ‘gentle parent’, I’m well aware that the pitfall for me is to fall into being permissive. I already realised this about myself when I was a teacher when I found myself empathising  so much with students at times that it was difficult to enforce ‘across the board’...

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