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Month: July 2015

Birthday Note for The Little One

Dear little one, You’ll be turning 2 in exactly a week’s time. Papa has been procrastinating in writing you this note as I wasn’t sure if any writing of mine would justify how I feel… and I’m not like Mama who can write so superbly well (you let me know next time if my evaluation of this matter is right okay? Haha…). But as the day draws nearer, the compulsion to jot down my thoughts and feelings about you becomes larger and larger, especially after God brought the song below to my mind once more. Even though it’s been...

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One … Two … Peee!

Hello my dear little one, You are turning two in a number of weeks. As mama and papa look ahead to having another little one who may or may not turn out just like you, and look back on the many ways in which you have grown and changed over the past months, we find ourselves grateful yet unsure, still, of certain decisions we’ve made as parents. After I had you, I was simply overwhelmed by the many ways in which it seemed little and big choices I had to make would all have a hand in making you...

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