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Month: December 2014

Proud parent moment.

Today, my son offered another child a toy. The little girl had been playing with it, when it caught his eye. He scooted over and held it in his hand for a closer look. The little girl then figured she’d had enough of it anyway, and moved away. He noticed she’d gone, looked up, and tried to offer her back the toy. My heart sang at that moment! It’s such a little thing, but it’s one affirmation that our choice to use gentle parenting methods with Noah (see here and here for more info on gentle parenting) hasn’t been...

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writing takes sleep.

So here I am, writing at the unearthly hour of 3am. It’s been a tiring week or so since we’ve been back in Singapore, as we’ve been busy getting the house in order and Noah has been ill with high fever on and off for the past week. As much as it’s good to be back, Galv and I have been having hard conversations about how to structure our time with regards to the various social events that immediately filled up our social calendar. Perhaps it could just be the festive season, but I still (un)fondly remember how our schedules were so packed prior to leaving for Melbourne that we would only be home one weeknight per week due to the various church commitments and meet ups with different friends. As an introvert, I’ve realised that I feel terribly drained by large group gatherings which are dominated by small talk. Unfortunately, many of the events that made up our family’s social life were characterised as such. I find that since leaving school, most relationships we have outside of family consist of ‘catching up’ meetings which occur periodically through the year, and are aimed mostly at maintaining relationships rather than deepening them. I’ve found myself hungering for deeper sharing and reflection in my conversations with others, but find that the time and occasion for such relationship building is rare. The...

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Taking stock

So here we are, December 2014, as the year draws to a close. I can’t help noticing the irony of how this blog was meant to capture our year here in Oz, but I return to it now just one day shy of our return to Singapore, without having written very much at all. I didn’t know how to put it all down, the many things that slipped into the silence of this blog. We lost two parents this year, that’s what looms large behind the everyday. But we also watched our son turn one, and marvel at his cheekiness and sense of humor, which peeks through his fading babyhood a little more each day. We learnt how to depend only on each other, and at times, only on God. On hindsight, I think it’s really been one of those times when you think nothing much is happening, but so many of our values and underlying principles upon which we want to build our family are being formed. Theme for the year in review: God is faithful, even when we are not. His hand still moves us, even when we stray. He remains, when times have...

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Ten months old

Baby, you are three days away from turning ten months old. Mama can’t thank you enough for the endless laughter you bring to Papa and I. I’m aware that every time I turn to write about you or write to you I find myself using every cliche in the book. But that’s really ’cause this experience of parenthood is so special, life-changing, yet utterly the same for so many parents who have had this privilege, pain and heartache through the generations. In this past month, you’ve learnt to crawl, stand, and shake your butt. It won’t long before you are walking. As I look at you! standing with palms up against the glass and shaking your butt happily as you give me a cheeky grin, I know that your days of babyhood are fast slipping away. You will be a toddler soon. And with that, quickly the more grown-up experiences of being an older sibling, or (hopefully not!) an only child. How precious a time this is, when you are free to be just you. Mama and papa have learnt so much about our heavenly Father’s heart, just reflecting on how we feel towards you. There’s nothing all that special about you, darling, you’re not that much more different or talented compared to any other baby your age. You seem to be standing and talking somewhat earlier than you’re...

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