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Month: March 2014


I find making decisions difficult. I’m someone who likes to ‘cover the bases’ – think through all the options, take my time to weigh all the pros and cons before I arrive at a decision. Yet all through the process, I remain painfully aware of the limitations of my own knowledge, the tenuous nature of my own wisdom, the blind spots that are ever looming just round the corner. Sometimes it seems like just the easy way out to play the ‘faith’ card and say I’ll leave things in God’s hands, though I know that true faith is not...

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Setting you up for success – or making the burden of failure heavier?

One of the reasons I wanted to come to Melbourne to study instead of doing my Masters locally was my desire to ‘get a breath of fresh air’ and experience a whole new way of doing things. In Singapore, which is such a small country, norms and expectations get disseminated so quickly that it’s so difficult to even be aware of the way we do things sometimes. The effect of this is compounded for me after having been at MOE HQ for the past few years, given the need to be mindful about being seen as a representative of...

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Not a Holiday

It’s slightly a week after we arrived in Melbourne, and the first thing that’s struck me about this first week is how different it’s been from what I thought it would be. Relocating is really a different kettle of fish altogether. Instead of going to interesting places, we spent our first few days trawling the supermarkets for cheap hand towels, laundry baskets, and shelving units for our empty closets. Nights ended late, with the lugging of heavy suitcases and boxes plus innumerable plastic bags containing our supermarket loot up to our empty apartment. For me, the hours before morning...

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