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Month: February 2014

Olive Leaf Fried Rice

And so I’ve finally done it. It’s been some time since I’ve cooked… glad to have the engine restarted! 🙂 Wasn’t too adventurous in trying out new recipes, so whipped up a simple fried rice dish that I’ve prepared before. And it fits well into the economical budget we need to have over here! 😀 Total cost per pax is about $1.50; the nuts can be omitted to lower the cost to $1… and the overall calories as well. Haha… This is not the typical olive fried rice that we get at Chinese or Thai eateries; instead of olives,...

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From Being a SAHD to Where We Are Now

This journey dates back to end 2011 when Charmaine received an offer from the education ministry to apply for a postgraduate scholarship to further her studies. Can’t really remember the details of our discussions, but she decided to hold off the application till the end of the following year. 2012 came and proved to be a rather tumultuous one for my family as my dad underwent various major operations, including a triple heart bypass and two eventual leg amputations. On hindsight, we saw the wisdom given her to delay her application, as it would have been impossible for us...

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A New Chapter

In a few days’ time, our little family of three will be embarking on a new journey. We will be flying off to Australia, where we’ll be staying for the rest of the year while Charmaine pursues her masters degree in education over there in the University of Melbourne and I carry on in my caregiver role to Noah, who has since grown into a cute little seven-month-old fudgy (given by me) mochi (given by his popo – maternal grandmother). 🙂 I have registered this domain ( some time back with the intention to house the songs that I’ve...

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